LOCATION: The Preservery - 3040 Blake St



  • Wed, Oct 2, 2019 - Wed, Oct 30, 2019

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Denver Public Library and The Preservery have teamed up to showcase the first monster movies -- these are films that helped to create one of the most significant genres in filmmaking. And they continue to haunt our dreams and silver screens to this day. We are visiting some of the great cinematic ghouls of the silent era. And The Preservery is hosting in their dining room so you’ll have a great menu and some special tricks and treats from which to choose.

Please register at www.denverlibrary.org/rinopopup

The Phantom of the Opera​, 1925
Wednesday, October 2, 7-9pm

Starring Lon Chaney. ​The Phantom of the Opera​ is one of the first and greatest horror films ever made. Lon Chaney, the gifted actor who was called ‘the man of a thousand faces’, proves that his Phantom will be the one by which all others are judged. 1h 33min. Not rated. Please register at denverlibrary.org/rinopopup

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari​, 1920
Wednesday, October 9, 7-9pm

Starring Werner Krauss and Conrad Veidt. This classic yet rarely-screened German film is an example of expressionistic filmmaking -- each frame filled with amazing imagery of dreams and nightmares. And it is about a man trapped in a somnambulistic trance. 1h 7min. Not rated.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde​, 1920
Wednesday, October 16, 7-9pm

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde​ stars John Barrymore and Martha Mansfield. Of course John Barrymore is memorable as the infamous Jekyll and Hyde. His onscreen love is played by Martha Mansfield, whose star never ascended -- but she was an actress with great intuition and beauty and elevates the film. 1h 22min. Not rated.

Nosferatu​, 1922
Wednesday, October 23, 7-9pm

What does Bram Stoker's vampire tale look like through a German expressionistic filter? It looks like the camp and creep classic,​ Nosferatu​. Starring Max Schreck. Director F.W. Murnau and Max Schreck collaborated to create one of the most memorable vampires in cinematic history. Schreck’s own features and comportment lent themselves to playing odd characters onstage and in films, but none were as odd as Count Orlok in Nosferatu. 1h 21min. Not rated.

The Golem​, 1920
Wednesday, October 30, 7-9pm

Our last Beautiful Monster in this series is ​The Golem​ starring Paul Wegener. This creepy and beautiful fable about a monster called forth by a rabbi to protect Jews in Prague in the 16th century is still a gripping film experience nearly a hundred years after it’s initial release. Don’t miss this rare screen gem. 1h 31min. Not rated.

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