LOCATION: PlatteForum - 2400 Curtis St



  • Fri, Dec 14, 2018 - Sat, Jan 26, 2019

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Opening Reception & Performance: 6–8pm, Thursday, December 13th

Performance with ArtLab to occur at varying times during the reception hours

Together, for six weeks, Alex Branch and ArtLab have been cutting, drilling, altering the shapes of medical mobility equipment, to create an ensemble of sound sculptures. In addition, Alex has spent time with ArtLab interns discussing the philosophies behind music therapy, and how it's been used throughout history as a rehabilitation modality.

They have also obtained and incorporated other medical supplies into sculptural objects.

To that end, Branch and the ArtLab interns are creating a musical orchestra from these items – most notably, used aluminum crutches.

This exhibition seeks to create a link between the crutch as a medical device and musical instruments as tools for rehabilitation. The title "Calibration" references the ability to tune a body and a musical instrument.

Don’t miss your chance to take it all in and experience the sights and sounds of “Calibration”.