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LOCATION: Converge Denver/Transforming Creatives - 3327 Brighton Blvd

CATEGORY: Tools for the Creative Life


  • Thursday, Mar 30, 2023  5:30pm - 7:30pm

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Do you have a passion for photography or a desire to turn your art into high quality prints? If so, join us for an exclusive workshop led by Tyler Vitello, better known as ‘dittlo’. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Tyler is a seasoned professional who has worked closely with a variety of creatives, artists, and local businesses to capture stunning visuals that tell a story.

In this workshop, Tyler will share his insider tips and tricks for capturing artwork that is ready to be turned into prints. You'll learn everything from DIY-level techniques to the more advanced methods that Tyler uses in his own work. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to take your skills to the next level and learn from a true master of the craft. There will also be light snacks and drinks!

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to equipment needed: attendees will learn about the necessary equipment for photographing their artwork, including cameras, lighting, and tripods from DIY to professional.
  • Camera settings: attendees will learn about camera settings that can affect the quality of the images, such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
  • Lighting techniques: attendees will learn how to set up lighting for their artwork, including the use of natural light and artificial lighting.
  • Composition and framing: attendees will learn about composition and framing techniques to make their artwork look visually appealing in photographs.
  • Post-processing: attendees will learn basic post-processing techniques to enhance the quality of their images, such as adjusting color and contrast.
  • Q&A: attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on their own work.

Materials needed:

  • At a minimum, please bring a phone with a camera, but a DSLR or mirrorless camera is preferable.
  • Sample of your artwork or other object you'd like to photograph


  • Tripod
  • Lighting equipment (such as softboxes or light tents)
  • Laptop or computer with photo editing software (such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom)

About Dittlo Digital:

Hi, I'm Tyler Vitello, better known as ‘dittlo’. I have been taking photos and making videos professionally for over a decade. I work closely with a lot of different creatives, artists and local businesses creating visually engaging content. I am often asked to capture artwork to be made into prints and thought it would be a great way to give back and share my insight into how to do it yourself as it really isn't as complicated as most would think! In this workshop, I will share my tips and tricks for getting the best results, all the way from DIY level to how I would do it. Bring whatever gear, artwork or just plain curiosity and come on down and (hopefully) learn something new!

I have been working in the video and photo production industry for over a decade. As a self-taught photographer and seasoned creative, I have always been fascinated with the power of visual storytelling and its ability to convey complex ideas and emotions.

My work is driven by a desire to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible. I specialize in conceptualizing and executing creative campaigns that inspire and engage audiences across multiple platforms. Whether it's creating stunning visuals, editing cohesive stories, or developing engaging content, I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to connect with people.



Tools for the Creative Life is a workshop series aimed at providing creatives with connection, new skills, inspirational capital and tools to craft a healthy creative ecosystem. Presented in partnership by the RiNo Art District, Transforming Creatives, CBCA, and the Creative Integration Initiative.

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