LOCATION: Visual Interest - 3444 Brighton Blvd



  • Friday, Oct 5, 2018

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Visual Interest invited Katy and Bobby to collaborate on a mural for a renovated conference room in their office that will allude to lighting; which is the core of Visual Interest’s business. The new conference room will feature a newly released daylight sensor that will analyze the color temperature of natural ambient light and directs indoor lighting to automatically match the detected color. The mural will depict an overlay of a light source and geometric shapes and overall suggest circadian rhythm as it happens within the conference room, and right outside its doors. Join us for the grand reveal!

Read more about each artist's individual installations that will be on display:

Bobby MaGee Lopez – The Great Architect

The Great Architect is a term used to describe a neutral deity, one whose characteristics are universal regardless of the belief system. It describes God as an architect, merging rationalism with spirituality. This entity is the fabricator of the perceptible world. And this model infers that human beings share a similar ability to create. By extension, the human hand is the hand of The Great Architect.

The artwork uses traditional architectural tools – graphite, chalk, charcoal, pen, compass – and construction materials – wooden panels, wood stain, latex paint – as a homage to the profession. Each set of hands is engaged in a creative ritual informed by cultural traditions. Each pattern is generated using scientific and esoteric theories. The resulting imagery is an ambitious allegory for the creation of physical space.

By layering architectural concepts with spiritual philosophies, reason and imagination coexist long enough for humans to create with extraordinary ability. As architects, humans are actively manufacturing doorways into the realm of pure creation. This is the esoteric realm of The Great Architect.

Katy Casper - Intraterrestrial Terrain

The pieces in this series began as microscopic photos of botanicals in my garden like succulents or flowers and others arose from simple geometric patterns. These two-dimensional images were then digitally abstracted, laser cut into wooden layers, painted, and assembled into three-dimensional wall sculptures. The results feel almost extraterrestrial, like the terrain or architecture of an alien planet, but since they are of Earth, the series is titled "Intraterrestrial Terrain." The series is about exploring the underlying patterns and geometry that are found in nature and comparing them with artificial creations to find connections. Many of us in the modern world don’t have the impetus or time to appreciate nature and so it has essentially become alien terrain that we abuse and neglect, which reflects in the unwellness of our own cities, buildings, and bodies. I believe the land and humanity can heal by creating art that persuades contemplative gratitude for nature from the microscopic to the cosmic scale, encouraging rediscovery of our interconnectedness within the terrestrial web.

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