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Arcteryx @ Walnut and 26th

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  • Mon, Dec 19, 2022 - Sat, Dec 31, 2022  

Kendall is working with Arcteryx, a new Eden’s retailer going in on the corner of Walnut and 26th.

(Image: previous work by


Kendall Rose Kippley is a contemporary painter and muralist from Denver, Colorado. She uses cool, vibrant color palettes to paint dramatic glacial formations, abstracted to connect shifting, melting ice to her personal, emotional landscape. She is interested in nature's ability to elicit powerful emotions and compel us into deep contemplation of the environment. Each painting is a search for the true relationship between human and natures in all of its various geologic forms. Her work has become more urgent as natural resources drastically change and become more scarce. Through her work, she hopes to encourage a personal understanding of the consequences of climate change and compel the viewer into awareness, sympathy, and action.

Kendall has been creating these works since her graduation from Colorado State University, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting, in addition to heavy coursework in Natural Resources and Geology. Her glacial paintings have been displayed in galleries across Colorado and are featured in CSU’s Journal of Undergraduate Research. Her murals permanently adorn buildings throughout the western region, and her current studio work was displayed at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Egypt.

Painting asks me to surrender and let natural states of change guide my life. This work is a reminder to let go as parts of me shift, evaporate, freeze or become fluid like my subject matter. I paint glacial landscapes in different stages of erosion to ground myself through change and uncertainty. Creating these oversized works is how I seek understanding of myself and the world around me, especially as our environment drastically transforms due to climate change.

The goal of the RiNo Mural Program is to continue working with a diverse group of local artists to facilitate monthly installations around the district so that each piece may receive proper recognition and the work that is done is more intentional on time and placement. All artists are paid for their work. Providing reliable stipends in an unpredictable time helps keep art and artists at the heart of RiNo.