LOCATION: Visual Interest - 3444 Brighton Blvd



  • Friday, Apr 5, 2019 6–9pm

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Join us on First Friday for an exciting solo exhibition featuring contemporary work from Jessi West Lundeen titled "Fruit Questions". Jessi's large scale paintings and sculptures play with color, humor and questioning reality. For more information about the artist visit www.jessiwestlundeen.com

"I have paint on my hands, love in heart and laughter in my mouth. In the past, I lived by the notion that art had to have a linear path. “What direction is your art going?” they ask. “Does your art have cohesion?” they question. Well, shit. Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t. But for me, it is about the creation. It is about getting out the laughter and curiosity that I needed to express. I have come to terms with the fact that my art might not be like everyone else’s. Maybe that is what makes it special. Maybe that is what makes it weird. Art should be special and weird.

My process looks like this: I sketch. I laugh at my sketch. And then I paint the sketches and laugh some more.

This series of paintings titled Fruit Questions is about playfulness, humor and joy. It is about taking a step back and seeing the world from the lens of laughter and curiosity. I started this series because I looked at a honeydew melon and thought, “Do people even like honeydew? It is always the last fruit left in the bottom of the fruit salad bowl sitting in old juice. Then I began thinking about all fruit and the way that words flow through our lives without a thought. For instance, “Why is a grapefruit called a grape-fruit?” So many questions emerged in the forms of playful and colorful paintings. Fruit Questions turned into an exploration of Miami because I wanted to paint a banana and I thought that it should live in Miami, and in Miami I saw the smallest pineapple. It made me laugh so I sketched it." —JWL

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