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LOCATION: RedLine - 2350 Arapahoe St

CATEGORY: Art Events


  • Friday, Jan 27, 2023  6pm - 9pm

Join us in celebrating the kickoff of the annual Resident Artist exhibition, "Gravitropic"! Featuring 2022-2024 Resident Artists and 2020-2022 Resident Artist Alumni. Curated by Christina Linden. Food and drinks provided.

About Gravitropic
Animals—including humans—are often characterized as being distinct from plants by means of our mobility. We can move, yet speak so often about being rooted (or wanting to be); about exploring our roots or breaking away from them. Plant life offers a powerful example of the ways growth and movement, or tropism, actively respond to stimuli—not despite rootedness, but because of it. Gravitropism refers to plants’ responses to gravity: putting roots down into the earth and reaching branches and leaves up and away. Taking the idea of gravitropic reactions as a central theme, two cohorts of Resident Artists present work that variously reaches and pulls.

Exhibiting Artists
Vinni Alfonso, Yazz Atmore, JayCee Beyale, Scottie Burgess, Taiko Chandler, Ben Coleman, Laura Conway, Victor Escobedo, Sam Grabowska, Ana Maria Hernando, Ron Hicks, Jazz Holmes, Chelsea Kaiah James, Rochelle Johnson, Shieka Leslie-Eke, Agnes Ma, Max Maddox, Cherish Marquez, Jenna Maurice, Ray Munoz, Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, Christine Nguyen, Adri Norris, Sarah Darlene Palmeri, LA Samuelson, and Autumn T. Thomas.

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