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Ratio Beerworks; Epic Brewing; Digitiqe

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  • Thu, Jun 9, 2022 - Thu, Jun 30, 2022  

Each of these RiNo Mural Program installations will be centered around conservation in Colorado; bringing light to the wolf reintroduction that is scheduled to happen in 2023.

(image: from left Julia, Alex, Armando, Patrick)

Mural Dedication Ceremony + Arts Panel June 18th

Patrick Maxcy @ Epic Brewing 30th + Walnut: Starting June 12th

About Patrick
Patrick was born and raised in Florida, where the ocean became a source of inspiration for his artwork. Drawing from his personal experiences and the places he has traveled to, Patrick highlights nature and animals as a prominent force in the stories he tells in his paintings, drawings and murals. Through his work, he hopes to spark conversation on disappearing nature and the encroachment of the modern world with subjects and their surroundings depicted in a harmony and balance that they wouldn't normally interact with.

Throughout the years, Patrick has painted murals throughout North America, Central America and Africa. In 2018, he completed a month-long artist residency in Homer, Alaska with Cook Inletkeeper creating several murals throughout town. Patrick has done projects for many organizations and companies such as RedBull, Pangeaseed, Nike, Yeti, Sanuk, Sierra Nevada, and Outdoor Retailer. Patrick’s work has been featured in publications such as Relevant, Scientific American, and The Washington Post.

When Patrick isn’t traveling he can be found working at his studio in the mountains of Colorado, where he currently resides.

The Designosaur x Alexandrea Pangburn @ Ratio Beerworks (inside patio): Starting June 9th

About Julia and Alex
The Designosaur (Julia Williams) is an artist, muralist, illustrator, and Colorado native. Her work takes inspiration from festival culture, nature, and dance influences, and often includes strong female figures, animals, neon colors, and space. She strives to create artwork that feels otherworldly and invokes a sense of wonder and mystery for the viewer.

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky – Alexandrea (Alex) Pangburn moved to Golden, Colorado is 2017. It was then she started working with the RiNo Art District and continues to work for them as their Director of Curation. During her time here, she has learned to tap into doing large scale pieces. Her first spray paint mural was done in 2018 and she has recently completed her 50thmural; with locations ranging in Colorado, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Alex’s work focuses on local flora + fauna in the hopes to bring education on their presence within the area that she’s painting. Her realistic style focuses on expressing the details of plants, birds, and animals to bring light to their recognizable physical traits. Her hope is to bring awareness to local flora and fauna so that we may understand and better educated on how we can conserve these species.

Alex graduated with an Animal Science degree from the University of Kentucky in 2010, but her art business didn’t really kick off until she was working at a veterinary clinic in Powell, Ohio where she was focused and commissioned to do pet portraiture. Her pet portraits became her sole commission and it wasn’t until 2017 that she was able to start developing her style and build a body of work.

In 2019, Alex and eight other local womxn artists formed Babe Walls, an all womxn + non-binary mural festival that is focused on creating space and community among womxn + non-binary artists. Be sure and check them out on Instagram: @babewalls and their website:

Armando Silva @ Digitiqe

About Armando
Armando Silva is a painter, muralist, and performer who uses his artistic abilities to tell powerful stories, build community, and inspire spectators through art. As a recipient of a Governor's Creative Leadership award from Colorado Creative Industries, Armando has been celebrated for his collaborations with cities, non-profits, businesses, and educators across the state and beyond.

Armando was born in Sombrerete, Zacatecas, Mexico. At age 5, his family moved to Northern Colorado to pursue the American Dream. Armando submerged himself into the visual and performing arts as a way to communicate and find his identity as an ESL student. After developing his talents throughout high school, he decided to invest in them and earned a BA in Fine Arts from The University of Northern Colorado.

Armando believes his artistic superpowers come with the responsibility to lead, educate, and give back to the community. His artistic practice focuses on compelling portraits that tell personal stories, sometimes created on canvases in his studio, or other times created through live performance in front of thousands. Armando's large-scale mural installations give communities a sense of representation, pride and access to the arts in a way that is authentic and unique to the locality.

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