LOCATION: slo curio - 3377 Blake St #102



  • Fri, Nov 1, 2019 - Sun, Dec 29, 2019

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As we head toward year end, we will be focusing on G. Roslie's naturally dyed textile art at Slo Curio. G's 'super-natural' art is a labor of love where she hand dyes each piece of textile in natural earth & plant pigments to create a 'palette' for her textile work. G's love of landscape, seascape & nature fuels her passion for the work she calls 'modscapes' which begin with a photograph which she sketches into a modern-abstract interpretation. The colors are chosen & the lengthy dyeing process begins. Once the textiles are dyed, patterns are made of the sketch & sewn together to create the finished piece. G's purpose in creating the textile art is to give the viewer a sense of peace & calm through both the chosen image & the use of soothing colors all derived from nature. G creates at Slo Curio during the week which is open to the public on the weekends & First Friday which she owns & runs & is also a slow fashion designer creating very small batch clothing using naturally dyed organic or vintage textiles.

Slo Curio is open late from 6-9pm every First Friday with the exception of January. Come visit our unique space filled with slow made arts & crafts from mostly local & international women artists & hand makers.

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