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LOCATION: Denver Central Market - 2669 Larimer St

CATEGORIES: Art Events | RiNo Sponsored


  • Mon, Nov 1, 2021 - Tue, Nov 30, 2021  

For the month of November, the RiNo Mural Program celebrates Native American Heritage Month by bringing in local indigenous artists Danielle SeeWalker, Gregg Deal, and JayCee Beyale to install 2 murals in the Denver Central Market parking lot.

Gregg Deal and JayCee will be collaborating on a huge piece while Danielle will be doing a solo mural across the way.

These murals are set to start November 5th and will be continuing through the week of November 8th with a dedication ceremony to be held at the end of the month - details TBA.

Artist Bios:

Danielle SeeWalker is Húŋkpapȟa Lakȟóta and enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota, where she was born & raised. She is an artist, writer, activist, and boymom of two, based in Denver, Colorado. Her visual artwork often incorporates the use of mixed media and experimentation while incorporating traditional Native American materials, scenes, and messaging. Her artwork pays homage to her identity as a Lakȟóta wíŋyaŋ (woman) and her passion to redirect the narrative to an accurate and insightful representation of contemporary Native America while still acknowledging historical events. Alongside her passion for creating visual art, Danielle is a freelance writer and recently published her first book, titled Still Here: A Past to Present Insight of Native American People & Culture. She is also very dedicated to staying connected and involved in her Native community and currently serves as Co-Chair for the Denver American Indian Commission. Danielle has also been working on a personal, passion project since 2013 with her long-time friend called The Red Road Project. The focus of the work is to document, through words and photographs, what it means to be Native American in the 21st century by capturing inspiring and positive stories of people and communities within Indian Country.

Gregg Deal (Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe) is a provocative contemporary artist and activist. Much of Deal’s work challenges Western perception of Indigenous people, touching on issues of race, history consideration and stereotype. With this work—paintings, mural work, performance art, filmmaking and spoken word—Deal critically examines issues and tells stories that affect Indian country such as decolonization and appropriation while also advocating for appropriate representation and acknowledgement of issues affecting Indigenous people.

JayCee Beyale grew up in the Four Corners area of New Mexico, and received his BFA in printmaking from the University of New Mexico. He currently resides in Westminster, but travels often participates in collaborative murals and other art projects with fellow organizations and artists. JayCee’s connection to his aboriginal culture is heavily influenced by his involvement in the arts; his personal identity and background have always been present in his work because he is proud of who he is and where he comes from. His career as an artist started when he discovered street art and graffiti. He is deeply influenced by music, and is certain that without music, his art would not exist. Combining traditional indigenous ideologies and his personal Buddhist practice, JayCee is always striving to emphasize the concepts and convictions in his art. Using a combination of spray paints and acrylics, he hopes to share his beliefs by celebrating the fusion of technology and Indigenous culture in his work. JayCee aspires to illustrate the Laws of Movement, Unity and Impermanence in his work.

The goal of the RiNo Mural Program is to continue working with a diverse group of local artists to facilitate monthly installations around the district so that each piece may receive proper recognition and the work that is done is more intentional on time and placement. All artists will be paid for their work at an industry standard rate. Providing reliable stipends in an unpredictable time helps keep art and artists at the heart of RiNo.

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