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  • Fri, Feb 28, 2020 - Fri, Mar 6, 2020 6–10pm

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Don't miss one of RiNo's signature free events celebrating cinematic art on the urban exterior of the RiNo Art District. LOCATION MAP + DETAILS

Experience an immersive, walkable cinematic art tour across 36th Avenue featuring 8 Colorado artists and enjoy food and drink deals from participating local breweries, restaurants and distilleries.

The eight selected artists and the respective themes of their work are:

  1. Daniel Fickle – “Love Hour” will pay homage to the silent films of the early 1900s and tell the story of five couples unleashing their love at sunset. Daniel is a returning artist from Side Stories 2019!
  2. Xadie James Antonio – “Spectre of The Locomotive” will use rotoscope animation blended with the live footage to capture the ephemeral nature of a changing city while the locomotive, the giant ghost of the past, remains a constant staple.
  3. Annette Isham – Isham’s wall will immerse the audience with animated drone footage of a feminine orb that traverses the Colorado landscape.
  4. Phillip Faulkner – Faulkner will employ collage motifs that combine representational and abstract marks to create a composition in flux.
  5. Laurel Cohen – Cohen will create a RiNo monster visually inspired by Colorado’s natural setting and RiNo’s industrial history.
  6. Natalie Einternz – “Colorado Nature Reimagined” will play with surreal landscapes, integrating vibrant, bold colors and creating portals to transition between animated themes.
  7. Kendra Fleischman – Fleischman will create an interactive, magical work exploring the simple elegance of silhouettes and shadows. This is Kendra’s second year producing an original film for Side Stories.
  8. Tom Ludlow – Ludlow’s “Colorado Crystal Cave” will immerse viewers in a crystal cave filled with dripping stalactites, glittering pools, flying bats and glowing insects.

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