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LOCATION: PlatteForum - 3575 Ringsby Ct

CATEGORIES: Art Events | First Fridays


  • Fri, Mar 1, 2024 - Sun, Mar 17, 2024  

The Moon in Her Mouth, by Tricia Waddell

Envisioned with an understanding of raw internalized emotions, The Moon in Her Mouth unfolds as a compelling series of soft sculptures and conceptual self-portraits that delve into the very core of our emotional landscapes. Each piece serves as a testament to the unspoken battles waged within ourselves, giving form and substance to the complex tapestry of visceral emotions and mental health struggles. These sculptures navigate emotions that range from anxiety and anger, to the isolating depths of loneliness, echoes of trauma, insecurity, and the instinct for self-protection.

Rooted in the intricate interplay of dye, cloth, texture, and form, Waddell breathes life into these intimate beings. Each sculpture becomes a vessel transcending the boundaries of conventional expression, resonating on a profound emotional level. In this evocative tapestry, a shared human experience is unveiled, where the hesitancy to expose these inner battles is met with an invitation to confront and acknowledge the depth of our collective emotional existence.

Opening reception: March 1st 6-8pm
On Display March 1st - 17th, 2024
Gallery Hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays, 11am - 2pm
Or by appointment at

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