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  • Fri, Feb 24, 2017 - Mon, Jun 26, 2017

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Feral Factory Ltd. launches with a four-month exhibition: “Urban Collage and the Collage City.” Announcing the birth of Feral Factory Ltd., an inter-arts organization working in partnership with the RiNo Art District to forge wildly creative alliances and happenings in the neighborhood. We bring art, performance, education, and business together to strengthen community and celebrate the best of all of us.

Beginning in March with a four-month art exhibition and residency at The Crash, Feral Factory has also partnered with NINE dot ARTS and RedLine Contemporary Art Center.

Residency Launch and Opening Party:
Friday, February 24, 7–11pm, 2017.
Call for Entry details here.

The first show coincides with the Month of Photography, featuring the street photography of Armando Martinez and Shana Cordon. From April to June, the exhibition will rotate in a juried, multimedia show exploring different angles of the residency theme, with one featured artist from RiNo during each month and dozens of other artists from the region and around the world. Inter-arts events, performances, wine tastings, salons, openings, workshops, talks, and feral happenings will abound.

February 24 – March 31: Exploring the Collage City Photography which illuminates urban life and the collage city.
PARTNER SHOW: Armando Martinez and Shana Cordon

April 1st – Apr 26th: Radical Heterogeneity
Artists’ explorations of complexity, variety, and interaction in the city.
FEATURED ARTIST: Thomas Evans, AKA Detour 303

April 29th – May 24th: Art of Resistance, Art of Resilience Artists’ explorations of politics and persistence in the city.

May 27th – Jun 28th: Theater of Memory, Theater of Prophecy Artists’ explorations of the history and future of the city.
FEATURED ARTIST: Stephanie Hartshorn

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