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LOCATION: Lane Meyer Projects - 2528 Walnut St

CATEGORY: Art Events


  • Wed, Aug 31, 2022 - Sun, Sep 25, 2022  

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Lane Meyer Projects is proud to present Volumes, a two-person exhibition by Colorado-based artists Marina Kassianidou (Boulder, CO) and Maia Ruth Lee (Salida, CO). The body’s relationship to language is the focus for works in the exhibition, with each artist interpreting the subtleties of marks, impermanence, and poetics stemming from the ever evolving concept of language.

Originally from Limassol, Cyprus, Marina Kassianidou’s practice is centered around mark and surface. In A Partial History III, she began with a well worn school book handed down by her Cypriot grandmother. Humble and tattered, partially disintegrated pages touched by her ancestors’ fingers bare the traces of use, and in those marks a unique physical language emerges. From her set of two inherited school books, Kassianidou has meticulously traced the silhouette of each worn page in what serves as a documentation between the lines; absent of written language, folds, creases, tears, stains, discolorations, and wormholes contain their own content.

Maia Ruth Lee’s artistic practice has long considered modes of language and its usage. Lee was born in South Korea, raised in Nepal, and spent nearly a decade in New York City before relocating to the Front Range - communication’s pitfalls and potential are well known to Lee. In her sculptural banner-like work included in the exhibition, silhouettes taken from bandages mark the surface of a hanging scroll. This ribbon-like ink painting cuts through the gallery, featuring abstracted silhouettes of bandages that serve as lexicon with a natural corollary to the body. Used when the body is damaged, bandages speak to the fragility of corporeality and its need for nurture.

The visceral experience of language enjoys new volumes in Volumes, as Kassianidou and Lee depart and converge around the universality of language and mark-making. In the cataloging of vintage school books and ink impressions taken from bandages, language’s form and flexibility is explored, offering nuanced meaning to the term body language.

Written by Marsha Mack
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