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October 2019

This Mobility Study Action Plan will guide RiNo’s objectives and advocacy with regard to transportation infrastructure and transit (aka how people travel to, from, and within RiNo).

The objective of the Study is to facilitate a holistic view of the District’s needs and to ensure that future plans directly benefit RiNo’s communities and those of our historic neighborhood partners - particularly local residents and business owners.

The Study’s recommendations should be considered as an integrated package, with many linkages and dependencies between the various measures described in the document.

The Study has been directly influenced by community views, which were sought at the outset, and co-ordinates with the City and County of Denver’s transportation infrastructure policy framework.

Infrastructure quality has not kept pace with the speed and built quantity of development and RiNo Art District believes that greater focus is required to ensure that RiNo offers a street-level environment and transit options that are safe, inclusive, and accessible to all.

RiNo looks forward to working in partnership with local residents and business owners, and with the City and County of Denver, RTD and other enabling organizations, to implement the suite of recommendations with the aims of optimizing the use of available infrastructure resources, creating an environment that works for all, and prioritizing pedestrians, cyclists, and environmentally sustainable modes of transport.

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December 2021 update: North Denver Circulator Study

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