Artists Include Andre Carbonell, Sarah Fukami, Rachel Kauff, Erika Diamond and Mackenzie Browning

PlatteForum is pleased to announce their 2017/2018 Artist Residency program will include five artists hailing from across the country including Iowa and North Carolina, as well as three Denver-based artists this year. PlatteForum’s Resident Artists have been chosen through a competitive national selection process and will each spend five to eight weeks in residency with PlatteForum in the coming season. A cornerstone of the work PlatteForum brings to Denver’s cultural community, the Artist Residency program supports contemporary artists as they work, strengthening their individual practice through collaboration and community engagement.

Each residency will conclude with a free, public exhibition of the artist’s work, which represents their collaborative experiences with PlatteForum’s ArtLab interns, who have been led in weekly workshops by the resident artist during his or her time in residency. Receptions are hosted at 2400 Curtis Street, Denver, CO.

PlatteForum’s 2017/2018 Artist Residency line-up is as follows:

PlatteForum’s Artist Residency program celebrates the creative process, fostering and challenging artists to incorporate social practice into their process. Each resident artist becomes a catalyst for innovative and expanded thinking about what art is and can be. Located in a rich urban context, PlatteForum’s dynamic, artist-centered residences are built upon the notion of engaging the broader community in the creation of new work, where artists, youth, and the public collaborate. Residents will share their process and work with youth in a supported environment, and with guidance from PlatteForum staff.

2400 Curtis St
Denver, CO 80205

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