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LOCATION: Plinth Gallery - 3520 Brighton Blvd

CATEGORY: Art Events


  • Fri, Aug 4, 2023 - Sat, Sep 30, 2023  

Ben’s work is a singular statement of his romance with “wood, soda, fire, and ash,” as he has titled his exhibition. His work is made with intention, spirit, and relevance. Evidence of the firing, the marks of his hands, his pursuit of his finished wares as being “soft.” He understands what it is to contain a volume, enhance with a surface, and what it is to find one’s voice.

My current work is all functional pottery. I often describe my process like this: "I never make the same pot twice." In fact, I've tried. Didn't work. Instead, using a small collection of custom, textured wood blocks, I imprint, alter, and move each pot's surface with the hope that it retains its material "softness" after the final firing. It's a hard aesthetic to capture, and it keeps me constantly searching.

But it's this constant searching that makes the process so engaging. Even after 60 years of working in clay, my mentor, Toshiko Takaezu would find a surprise in every firing. It's this inevitable element of the unknown that, I believe, keeps ceramic artists young. It keeps us hungry. We will never even come close to figuring it all out....and that's a good thing.

Gallery Hours Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12pm-5pm and by appointment
First Friday Gallery Opening September 1st 6-9pm

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