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LOCATION: Dateline - 3004 Larimer St

CATEGORY: First Fridays


  • Friday, Sep 1, 2023  6pm - 11pm

Curated by George Bangs

Dateline has awakened from a nearly year-long hiatus with Manifest World; a two-person exhibition of Denver artists Lydia Schram & Dominic Cutilletta featuring selected drawings & sculptures that command a sense of otherworldly gravity and genesis.

In Lydia Schram’s illustrations, complex textures of the hidden natural world curl and settle into place, captivating the viewer with hypnotic flowing architecture and depth. These cavernous landscapes are the locus for wispy sprite-like creatures that populate the rest of her work—their delicate bodies dance and flutter across vague expanses, occasionally settling in picturesque fairytale settings. The consequent feeling of seeing a primeval mythos emerging in the present tense, is both mystifying and deeply satisfying.

Molten steel is slowly and deliberately guided into form by Dominic Cutilletta, resulting in spindling yet sturdy frameworks that embody memories, experiences & emotions. Sometimes recognizable—but often drifting into organic abstraction—the skeletal character of his sculptures evokes the cycles of growth & erosion typically only manifested in the age-long processes of the natural world. Creating a tension and narrative between ephemerality and the concrete that can only be described as dreamlike.

—George Bangs

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