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  • Thursday, Sep 28, 2023  6pm - 9pm

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Get ready for an explosion of artistic prowess as Secret Walls joins forces with Denver Walls for an electrifying 3 vs 3 art battle at Yard Bird. Witness the collision of creative titans as six exceptional artists take center stage, armed with nothing but their imagination and black paint on white walls. As the clock ticks, these artistic gladiators will go brushstroke-to-brushstroke in a thrilling display of skill and innovation, turning the blank canvas into a mesmerizing tapestry of urban art. The clash of styles, techniques, and personalities promises an unforgettable spectacle, where the boundaries of street art are pushed to new frontiers in an atmosphere charged with energy and anticipation. Don't miss this unparalleled fusion of talent that will redefine the essence of artistic expression.

Featuring Keya Tama, Chris Haven, Mike Graves, Casey Kawaguchi, KimChi Juice, and George F Baker III!

Join us at Yardbird Table & Bar 9/28 for food, drinks and tunes from Denver’s favorite DJ, DJ Cyn, while you watch the madness unfold! Exclusive merchandise will be available for attendees ONLY. This is an all-ages event.

$15 tickets

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