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CATEGORY: Workshops


  • Thursday, Mar 25, 2021  6pm

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In this chat we’ll talk about the power of Instagram and how to make it work for you and your business. We’re not talking about hashtags and when to post - we’re diving deeper to help you legitimately connect with your audience in a way that doesn’t feel awful. Instead of seeing Instagram as something that feels overwhelming and tedious - we’ll shift the script in hopes of helping you not only find your voice on social but to build meaningful connections using that voice.

Join Kiwi Schloffel, the brains and the brawn behind Craft Boner, as she will give you tools so you’ll walk away from this chat recognizing that you don’t have to follow “the rules” and if you’re open to it Kiwi hopes to inspire you to see Instagram as a tool to harness your creativity into a different medium.