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  • Fri, Jan 3, 2020 - Sat, Jan 25, 2020

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As the first exhibition of 2020, Plinth Gallery is pleased to present TOUCHed, a celebration of the life and art of Marie EvB Gibbons. Marie, a self-taught clay artist, teacher, and fixture of the Denver art community, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on September 15, 2019. An educator as well as an artist, Marie had an active studio practice in Denver since 1999, where she held workshops, classes, and community art events.

Marie was always an artist, but she found her muse in clay in 1995. Over more than two decades in clay, Marie explored narrative and figurative forms to discuss the trials, tribulations, joys, and frustrations of life. She typically finished her clay work in post-fired finishes such as acrylic paints and washes, inks, waxes, iron surfaces, and resins.

From her very first Raku-fired figurative pieces to stick-legged oooladies to Rubenesque swimmers, Marie’s work was ever-evolving. It would be impossible to do justice to her prolific career with a single show. TOUCHed is an exhibition of her final works, including several that have never been shown publicly, and a selection of works from significant stages in her career. It is an attempt to capture the energy, vision, and passion left behind in the wake of Marie’s passing, and to celebrate how she has touched so many as an artist, friend, and mentor.

“Clay provides me an opportunity to TOUCH my experiences on many levels,” Marie wrote on her website, mariegibbons.com. “The obvious: the tactile love I have for my medium; but in addition, I am touching the feeling of something in my mind, and hopefully, conveying those feelings / emotions in the finished piece.”

Jonathan Kaplan, Plinth Gallery Curator, remarks that "Marie Gibbon's ceramic work is deeply personal, visceral, and speaks highly of her highly individualized thought process. Her untimely passing leaves a huge void in the Denver arts community. Marie was not only passionate about her art work, but also profoundly committed to community, teaching others, and arts education. She will be greatly missed."

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