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Virtual Event

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  • Wed, Apr 19, 2023 - Sat, Apr 22, 2023  

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Join us for a 3-part video series + a virtual panel in honor of Earth Day. Hosted by Denise, The Vamp DeVille Zubizarreta.

April 19
Video 1 — Posted on RedLine’s Instagram and blog

April 20
Video 2 — Posted on RedLine’s Instagram and blog

April 21
Video 3 — Posted on RedLine’s Instagram and blog

April 22
11:00am-12:30pm MST - Virtual Zoom panel - RSVP HERE

This video series and virtual panel is an exploration of approaches to assisting individuals and groups to enter states of consciousness conducive to creative expression by exploring multiple techniques and blocks that can enhance the creative practice.

How do those facilitating transformative work assist others to find their way through their discomfort to open them to the possibilities of healing and growth through creative expression?

Techniques can be adopted that help people dive deeper than the ordinary cognitive state of consciousness that is the usual mode for interaction in our culture.

With this series, I hope to open the door to discussions on how we can connect to our innermost creative consciousness to enhance our art making and achieve a balanced mind and body.

We will explore creative consciousness in 3 key parts from April 19th-21st, with a virtual Zoom panel on April 22 (Earth Day).

RSVP for the Zoom panel here

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