The 33rd Street Outfall project is installing a storm sewer system to service the neighborhoods of Five Points, River North, Whittier, and City Park West. This will improve drainage during a five-year storm event and address areas where significant flooding could occur. The new storm system will carry storm runoff and snowmelt safely to the South Platte River, reducing the risk of damage to residential and commercial properties. It will also allow additional improvements to connecting systems upstream in areas to the east, which are also at increased risk of flooding.

Phase 1 of construction concluded in November 2017. Currently work on Phase 2 and Phase 3 is underway.

Phase 2 connects the drainage systems installed in Phase 1 at the South Platte River with the Curtis Park neighborhood. Two 96" tunnels will be installed under the 33rd and Blake Street intersection, with another 51" tunnel for a line under Blake Street. The system will connect with Phase 3 construction in an underground reinforced concrete box culvert. 

Phase 4 is scheduled to begin in August, 2018.

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