UPDATE: the RiNo Promenade has been put back on the GO Bond list - help us keep it there!


Thank you so much for your huge response to our request for letters of support to get the RiNo Promenade back on the list for $5 million in the 2017 GO Bond. This is a direct result of neighborhood support and participation in the process! The bond list is now in front of City Council, and they will be voting on it over the next couple of weeks. Now, we'd love your support in ensuring that this project stays on the list by writing a quick email telling City Council how important this project is.

Please let City Council know you support the RiNo Promenade as part of the 2017 GO Bond by sending a letter to dencc@denvergov.org. Every email will be counted!

There will be a public hearing on the 2017 GO Bond package in front of City Council on August 7th; you can sign up to speak during the hearing here.

You can download the entire list as of today here. To see a one-page description of each project, download the summary here.

Letters requesting Mayor Hancock's reconsideration for including the RiNo Promenade, and three additional important RiNo infrastructure projects, into the GO Bond:

RiNo Denver GID Letter

RiNo BID Letter

RiNo Art District Letter

We believe this is an incredible and timely opportunity to leverage investment from our neighborhood, and push forward bold and creative projects for the City of Denver.

RiNo Art District HQ
2901 Blake St
Denver, CO 80205

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