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Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse, planning to open this fall, is moving into the space previously owned by Ironton Studios at 3636 Chestnut Place in RiNo. Ironton Studios was one of the founding members of the River North Art District and has been home to many artists over the years. Ironton Distillery is bringing a new life to the property while still maintaining many aspects that made Ironton Studios such an amazing place to work and visit. This is a unique concept for an art space to coincide with a venture like the distillery, and the first of its kind in RiNo and Denver.

Kallyn Peterson and Robbie Adams, with Ironton Distillery, envision a creative space that combines both art studios and their distillery/taproom. “Artists are the heart and soul of the RiNo neighborhood, and the artists of Ironton are a well respected and admired group in this community,” says Peterson, “we want to continue the great culture that Ironton Studios has created while bringing in our own art of distilled spirits and cocktails.” A number of artists will have the opportunity to continue their craft at Ironton in the recently built studio space. The distillery and taproom will occupy the original building. Ironton Distillery plans to use the existing beautiful courtyard and garden as an outdoor tasting area and event space.

Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse will handcraft a variety of small-batch, creative spirits including whiskey, rum, vodka, gin as well as some more unique products. Their distiller, Laura Moore, previously at Stranahans, will craft a consistent and quality product by utilizing a traditional distillation process with an innovative new age twist. In addition to tasting spirits, guests can enjoy a locally inspired cocktail, check out the distillation process, view many of the artists’ pieces, and find an urban escape in their outdoor oasis. Peterson and Adams, both Colorado natives, intend to create a laid back vibe, offering regular food trucks, outdoor games, and a variety of events.

The new Ironton team, inspired by the adventurous spirit of Colorado, will bring their passion for their craft to the RiNo Art District and produce their spirits alongside the artists of the former Ironton Studios.

Look for updates on Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse’s opening around the end of the summer.

Ironton Distillery & Crafthouse
3636 Chestnut Pl
Denver, CO 80216

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