To Our Friends and Supporters:


The RiNo Art District exists to nurture and cultivate creativity in Denver while preserving art and artists at the heart of RiNo's evolving community. We are proud to be home to an incredibly diverse range of residents and businesses, including galleries, bars, breweries, distilleries, wineries, restaurants, retailers, and of course, the artists and makers whose creativity and passion is the driving force behind our district's unique sense of place. Art is the common thread that ties our community together, and we are committed to continuing to advocate for artists, makers, galleries, and small businesses through this time.


Like you, the RiNo Art District is feeling the impact of the necessary measures enacted to slow the spread of COVID-19. With the cancellation of events and exhibitions, closure of bars and restaurants to onsite customers and recommendations to stay at home, life as we knew it just a few short days ago has changed drastically. However, there are multiple opportunities to continue to access the fantastic art, food, and other products created in our district, and in doing so, provide vital support to local businesses and the individuals behind them.


Many of RiNo's businesses are enhancing their online presence and offering more products and services through their websites. They are offering curbside beer growler pick-up, houseplant delivery, free shipping of coffee beans, and more. Over the coming weeks, we will be promoting how you can continue to support this determined and resilient community so that once this time of isolation has passed, our district will be stronger, more connected, and more innovative than ever.


Your support for local businesses and artists during this time will help RiNo remain the vibrant, engaging, and independent community that we all love.


For now, here are some ways to support:

  • Visit our Keep RiNo Rolling page on the RiNo website (check here for details on promoting your RiNo offer)

  • Browse our guide and buy a gift card to support cash flow and enjoy your meal, drink, haircut, fitness class, or shopping spree later this year. For restaurants, you can also browse Rally for Restaurants.

  • Give your favorite artist a shoutout on social media, share their tag, commission work, and most importantly - buy their art! Many have online galleries.

  • Visit your favorite retailers' websites to purchase merchandise online.

  • Check out the websites of local bars and restaurants - many are offering their products for pick-up or delivery.

  • Look for RiNo restaurants on food apps, such as DoorDash or Grubhub.

  • Take a virtual fitness class - many of those in the wellness community are offering specials to stay fit in your home.

Thank you for your continued support. Please keep an eye on the RiNo Art District website and social media pages for continued updates and efforts to support our community. If you have any additional ideas or questions, you can reach out directly to


Thank you, 

The RiNo Art District Team