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Art RiNo, a new weeklong multidisciplinary arts festival taking place Sept. 5-11, 2022 at venues throughout the Art District will welcome six local, national, and international mural artists.

“We’ve selected six extremely talented local, national and international artists for the inaugural Art RiNo festival,” said Alexandrea Pangburn, Director of Curation at RiNo Art District. “Each brings a unique artistic style and perspective that we’re confident will make for an exciting experience for festivalgoers. We look forward to sharing more details as wall locations are finalized, and we encourage everyone to come out and see the artists work in real-time when the festival kicks off in September.”

RiNo Art District is providing the selected artists with a stipend, equipment, and materials, plus support with travel expenses for those visiting Denver.

Artists selected include:

  • Patrick Kane McGregor Based in Denver, Patrick Kane McGregor’s work can be spotted around town and nationally with its larger than life and realistic depiction of animals and historical figures. With a painting style rooted in graffiti and letters, McGregor developed his style working at a few sign shops in his twenties and honed his skills with application, color theory and anatomy by hand-painting for billboard companies through the last three decades. Most of his work is now based on realism, sometimes using impressionism and abstract ideas for scale or effect while exploring the use of color.
  • Koco Collab Based in Denver, Koco Collab is the coalescence of artists Aiko Szymczak and Corinne “Bee Bop” Trujillo. Their work spans media, exploring the unraveling of lineages and depths of the past. As women and people of color coming from diverse backgrounds, an essential element of their practice is to disentangle and weave new stories, highlighting underrepresented people within communities. They accomplish this through ethnically ambiguous portraiture juxtaposed with vibrant environments, incorporating cross-cultural symbols and archetypes.
  • The Obanoth Based in Los Angeles, Hannah Webb’s paintings are defined by technique in application and dynamic color stories, usually with a focus on organic subjects such as animals or body parts. Her paintings incorporate layers of independent shapes, stacked with precision to imply light, texture, and form. Careful color shifts and loud punches of contrasting hues result in harmony and vibration. Acrylic paint is her preferred medium, and she often chooses to create work on wooden surfaces, as the smoothness best lends itself to the clean and precise marks that evolve into her visual geometry.
  • Yazz Based in Denver, Yazz is an expressionist, intuitive mixed media artist whose work explores the spirit world with God, Ancestors, and her Spirit Team. A community organizer, creative and educator, Yazz is constantly inspired by youth and the community, deepening her own artistry as an analog collagist and muralist. Her work is heavily influenced by her spiritual journey, as she loves exploring the spirit world with her Spirit Team, often incorporating bright, bold colors and metallics.
  • SpeakS Based in Denver, Devin “SpeakS” Urioste uses his art as a vehicle to bring knowledge, truth, community, and culture into view. A Denver native, SpeakS is also a full-time educator and uses art to create cultural dialogue.
  • Smug / Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Smug is an internationally renowned Australian artist known for his hyper-realistic, large-scale murals. Often pulling inspiration from people and nature, Smug explores harmony between the two with his use of light and shadow. His work can be seen across the globe, wrapping entire buildings, silos, and walls.

The artists will begin work on their respective walls on Monday, Sept. 5 and continue throughout the week. Additional events planned for Art RiNo include a light installation with IRL Arts at 35th and Arkins Court, art workshops and special events throughout the District, plus a partnership with Westword to bring the 2022 Westword Music Showcase to venues throughout the District. Local artists will perform at Larimer Lounge, Bierstadt Lagerhaus, Reelworks, Tracks, Ironton Distillery, Number Thirty Eight and more venues across the Art District, and soon-to-be-announced national acts will be featured at the Mission Ballroom Outdoors.

Stay up to date on the latest announcements about ArtRiNo and the Westword Music Showcase at and