Conserving Wildlife Through Empowering People

During the week of April 22–28, 2019, the RiNo Art District partnered with the Global Conservation Corps (GCC) for a full week of celebration of RiNo's namesake and one of Africa's most charismatic and endangered species: the rhinoceros. Local RiNo artists, conservationists, wildlife lovers, and the RiNo community were brought together to raise awareness and support for GCC, an NGO working on the ground in Africa to save the rhino by empowering local communities.

Rhino Week brought in over $27,000 in in-kind donations from partners and sponsors. This made overhead costs for the week extremely low, which greatly increased the total revenue raised for GCC. Rhino Week brought in over $11,000 in cash/monetary donations! These go to GCC's programs on the ground to help save rhinos from extinction.

To all those who came out to celebrate Rhino Week: THANK YOU for your support! It was so great to have you there, and hopefully you felt inspired to stay involved.

View the complete report of Rhino Week HERE.
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Looking for another GCC event to attend? You’re in luck! We’re co-hosting a Lion King themed event (with the classic movie, fun drinks and a conservation talk focused on African wildlife!) on July 18th at Ironton Distillery in RiNo at 7pm - and it’s free! See you there! RSVP here.