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RiNo ArtPark from RiNo Art District on Vimeo.

Sept 2020 Update: RiNo Art District Seeks Funding for Development of RiNo ArtPark

RiNo's inaugural Oxpecker Ball raised over $100,000 for the construction of the RiNo ArtPark Buildings.

The RiNo ArtPark is set to become the City of Denver’s finest example of community partnership, leadership, and innovation. By reusing and repurposing two historic buildings on the Park site, RiNo will bring a rotating library, resource center, artist studios, a food and beverage incubator, and performance and event space to the public sphere.

In the wild, the Oxpecker and Rhinoceros have a symbiotic relationship, the oxpecker helps the rhino by removing parasites and keeping the rhino healthy while the rhino offers the oxpecker a place to rest, feed, and avoid predators. Like the oxpecker, our community is integral to the health and success of the RiNo Art District and the artists living and working here. With your help and charitable contribution, we can reinvest in our community with innovative and creative solutions to challenges and continue supporting our neighborhoods and artists with projects like the RiNo ArtPark. Together, we can create something unlike anything this city has ever seen before and truly exemplify community partnership.

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RiNo ArtPark
1900 35th St
Denver, CO 80216

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