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Please fill out the RiNo Urban Forest Survey

Street trees are the life and soul of walkable and successful neighborhoods. They provide shade to residents and pedestrians, foster commerce and business activity, and support healthy ecosystems. RiNo Art District has one the scarcest tree canopies in Denver, at only 9% area coverage in comparison to the city-wide average of 19%.

As part of our Strategic Plan, RiNo Art District is committed to increasing the number of street trees in our community. Currently, street trees on public sidewalks are maintained by private landowners. We will work with landowners and the City and County of Denver to ensure that existing street trees are maintained and that dead or sick trees are replaced. In addition, RiNo, in partnership with its business and general improvement districts, will utilize its own funding to identify locations for new street trees and will deliver and care for these trees over the coming years.

RiNo’s Urban Forest Initiative will not replace the role of landlords to maintain existing trees or of developers to plant new trees as part of development proposals. Rather, RiNo will work with landowners and the City to identify locations for new street trees on sites where there are no foreseeable development plans. Tree species, planter designs, and Urban Forest education, will be designed by RiNo in collaboration with the City and private and non-profit partners. We will care for these new trees in partnership with service providers that provide work experience and resources for adults experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness.

As a first step, we want community input to inform the locations of new street trees. We invite you to share your feedback on where you would like to see new trees throughout RiNo Art District in the survey linked below. Please be as specific as possible; we want to ensure we accurately represent your views in our planning efforts, so a street address is most helpful!

RiNo Urban Forest Survey

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