New Pollinator Garden needs your help

Fundraising Program for Donors that Care About Social Justice, Underserved Communities, Homelessness

Sonny Lawson Park, the gateway to Denver’s historic Five Points Neighborhood, for years has been a sanctuary for Denver’s most vulnerable including those without homes, low-income families, and seniors who live in the area.

Located on 24th Street between Welton and California Streets, in 1972, the park became the first park in the city dedicated to an African American: Sonny Lawson. Lawson was a Denver native and community leader. His legacy in advocating for the less fortunate continues to this day.

In ongoing efforts to enhance public spaces in Five Points, Curtis Park Neighbors, Inc has partnered with Denver Parks and Recreation to install a pollinator garden in Sonny Lawson Park. Pollinator gardens are essential to urban communities, particularly in under-served areas that often lack access to critical green-space.

With budget cuts due to the pandemic, Parks and Recreation doesn’t have the funding for the project but can provide the needed infrastructure and labor needed to install the garden, as well as the ongoing maintenance. Curtis Park Neighbors has agreed to secure funding through grassroots efforts and appeals to community partners.