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The RiNo Art District is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that supports the neighborhood in retaining its character, supporting artists and creatives, establishing a sense of place and supporting the neighborhood through developing a strong brand and collective promotion. The organization champions the neighborhood by raising funds through membership, sponsorship, grants and other fundraising.

These funds support the following activities:

  • Neighborhood advocacy
  • RiNo’s website, neighborhood marketing and advertising, events and promotions
  • Murals and creative placemaking
  • Outreach to, engagement with, and support for artists and creatives

Please consider joining the RiNo Art District as a paid member, or become a sponsor of one of its many programs.

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Volunteer opportunities come up throughout the year and there are several ways to donate to our nonprofit organization.


Shop RiNo Made:

The RiNo Art District has a significant concentration of artists and makers who create and manufacture a number of diverse products in the neighborhood. Through the RiNo Made brand and campaign, RiNo supports these artists and makers by helping them market and promote their unique work, with 100% of the proceeds going back to them.

With RiNo Art District now running the CRUSH Arts Festival, the District made a decision to streamline its retail operations and combine efforts of it’s RiNo Made Programs with CRUSH Founder Robin Munro’s announcement of his HQ Gallery, the CRUSH WALLS store at 26th & Larimer. Stay tuned for details!

RiNo Made

Support Artists:

Artists are at the heart of what makes RiNo tick. They inspire us, drive us and teach us. Art is the common thread that unites the district and it is the lens through which we view all the work we do to improve the neighborhood. Do your part to foster the creative culture of the RiNo Art District by hiring artists, buying art, contributing opportunities and more! Visit our ART section to learn more.