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RiNo ArtPark Community Hub

The vision for the buildings is centered around three core elements: access, education and activation, with the goal to create a new kind of park environment for Denver, one in which both the park and the buildings become a campus of interactive learning, culture and community gathering.

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The RiNo Art District is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that supports the area in retaining its character, supporting artists and creatives, establishing a sense of place and supporting the unique neighborhoods that it encompasses—Five Points, Cole, Globeville, Elyria Swansea. The organization champions the district by raising funds through membership, sponsorship, grants and other fundraising.

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Artists cannot survive on exposure alone. We encourage our visitors to support our artists by buying work in the district. District artists have a variety of work from higher end pieces to more affordable ones for the new collector. Our best advice is talk to our artists, ask questions and buy what you love! There are plenty of ways to shop:

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Artists are at the heart of what makes RiNo tick. They inspire us, drive us and teach us. Art is the common thread that unites the district and it is the lens through which we view all the work we do to improve the neighborhood. Do your part to foster the creative culture of the RiNo Art District by hiring artists, buying art, contributing opportunities and more! Visit our ART section to learn more.


Header images artist credits: Detour (Visit, Initiatives, Press); Anthony Garcia (Special Events); Susan Wick (Call for Artist Request, Artist Opportunities); Jeremy Burns (RiNo Stories/News); Casey Kawaguchi (Support)