Artists are at the heart of what makes RiNo tick. They inspire us, drive us and teach us. Art is the common thread that unites the district and it is the lens through which we view all the work we do to improve the neighborhood.

RiNo invests significantly in efforts to support our artists and help them thrive. Visit our Artist Initiatives page to learn more and get involved.

(Photo: Artists Pat Milberry and Casey Kawaguchi with OZ representative Abigail Plonkey discussing artist opportunities at the new World Trade Center Denver to be located in the RiNo Art District) 

1. The Jenny West RiNo Business Improvement District (BID) has spent $40,000 in funding in the past two years to further the development of the ArtSpace project in RiNo. This project will create 100-130 affordable live/work spaces for artists and musicians, slated for completion in the new few years in the RiNo Art District.

2. The RiNo BID has contributed $50,000+ each year to assist in the CRUSH Street Mural event in the district. The RiNo Art District has also contributed staff time, marketing support and artists stipends to this project over the past few years. All funds are specifically focused toward local artists.

3. Through sponsorship and grant funds the RiNo Art District has provided dollars directly to artists for other public art projects district wide. This includes the 38th Street Underpass project with the Arts & Venues PSYAH Grant, which will create an artistic lighting and mural intervention. The budget for this project is over $100,000.

4. The RiNo Art District led the charge in working with the City of Denver on moving forward the Safe Occupancy Program. The program includes a conditional building occupancy program for un-permitted spaces that will ensure life safety, limit displacement, and allow extended deadlines and collaborative solutions to achieve code compliance. RiNo is working with City leadership on developing a fund for artists to be able to bring their DIY spaces up to code.

5. The RiNo Art District with help from the RiNo BID will open its new RiNo Made store in early 2018. The RiNo Art District has also funded various RiNo Made pop up events for our artists and makers to sell their work. Artists will receive 60% of the proceeds of the sale of their work and 40% will be put into operating costs and other artist initiatives district-wide. The district was just awarded a grant from Colorado Creative Industries for $10,000 that will help fund the store’s artist education and training as well as business support.

6. The RiNo Art District continues to advocate for its artists and galleries since it’s inception. This includes constantly communicating with stakeholders and developers on the importance of keeping artists in the district long term. GRACe, Bindery on Blake, Formativ, Zeppelin Development, Ken Wolf Properties and Backyard on Blake are some of our success stories.Tuke One and WTCD President Karen Gerwitz

7. World Trade Center Denver Collaboration: The RiNo Art District recently put together a workshop with the developers (Formativ) and architects (OZ Architecture) of the new World Trade Center Denver. This workshop included 45 artists who contributed ideas and ways art and artists can be included into this new world destination. This will be an ongoing series to involve artists from the beginning on this project and create ways for artists to be involved long term. From studio and gallery space, to paid public art commissions and sister city exhibitions and trade. (Photos from the event at OZ Architecture.)

8. RiNo Park Art Center: The RiNo Art District is working on collaborating with Denver Parks & Recreation and the Denver Public Library on creating a new art center concept in the RiNo Park slated for completion in 2019. This space will have temporary maker and studio spaces as well public outdoor space for performances and festivals. The art center project will focus on engagement with the four historic neighborhoods the RiNo Art District is a part of - Globeville, Elyria/Swansea, Cole and Five Points. The RiNo Art District will also collaborate with area non-profits as part of it’s mission.

9. The RiNo Art District has also been working with the neighboring communities to work with their emerging artists and makers to provide opportunities and help them hone their craft and market their work. This effort will also produce unfiltered creative projects that communicate the impact of change all of our artists and community members are experiencing. Watch for more in the coming months.

10. Affordability Overlay: The art district is working with the City of Denver and City Council to create an affordability overlay around the 38th and Blake Street commuter rail station. Typically these types of overlays are for residential only. This new overlay is unique and will also include a commercial component as well as residential. The overlay will focus on uses that will serve our community, with efforts to provide more affordable artist and creative space.

11. Pay what you can Artists Membership: Artists located in the art district can join the district at a pay what you can level. Membership includes a listing on the RiNo Art District website and inclusion in all of our marketing materials, events and promotion.

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