Creative Rituals Under Social Harmony

The Crush is on a mission to celebrate art, urban beautification, creativity, and culture by enriching the community through an arts festival like no other. Centered around empowering artists' creativity, the Crush is committed to reflecting and diversifying the urban landscape and the unique voice of the community.

The Crush brings art out of the gallery and into the streets. A collaborative effort with the RiNo Art District, the Crush establishes a new definition of what art can mean in Denver, how people experience art, and how artists connect with the public. The RiNo Art District defines itself as a community where “art is made,” and the Crush celebrates the craft of street artists who bring life to Denver’s walls. Continuing to transform streets and alleys into open-air galleries allows the neighborhood to attract positive attention and local businesses by adding character to store fronts and surrounding walls with colorful, creative murals. The Crush believes that public art is a catalyst for safety, cleanliness, curb-appeal, creativity, growth, business interest, and investment while maintaining the unique cultural identity in this rapidly evolving community.

The Crush event is held annually in mid September.

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Above: Live Paint Battle
—CRUSH 2016 at The Rackhouse
(Stop by RiNo HQ to see one of the finished pieces!)