Denver Spring/Colorado Food Trucks
3510 Brighton Blvd
Denver, CO 80216

CATEGORY: Side Stories

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Follow along with the poems signed in this film:


Whose language is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite happy though.
Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
I watch them laugh. I cry hello.

She gives her American Sign Language a shake,
And laughs until her belly aches.
The only other sound's the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.

The American Sign Language is love, openness and deep,
But she has promises to keep,
After cake and lots of sleep.

Sweet dreams come to her cheap.
She rises from her gentle bed,
With thoughts of kittens in her head,
She eats her jam with lots of bread.
Ready for the day ahead.


To sign
Brain transmitting information
Hands flying in the air
Neurons firing
Empathy spreading everywhere
Roots run deep in you and myself
To sign
Brain transmitting love
Hands thrown in the air
Mind rumbling

Really, to sign
No matter where you go in the world
Community intertwined
Heart warming and precious


Being a deaf person is who I am for my whole life.
If I have a chance to push the reset button on my life,
I would love to be a deaf person again in a heartbeat,
no question.
Deaf Community is a beautiful culture to be part of due
to their very unique language which requires a lot of
visual language.
We may be very small group, but i can assure you that
we are
very and big tight-knit family.
I love who I am as a person, and ASL is
the way of life for me.
I cherish the language and culture we,
the deaf community,
have because it gives us a reason to live
and to be part of the world we live in.


Hearing World, deaf.
Baby cradling, admire.
World spinning, passage of time.
Pretending, normal.
Conversations overlapping, lost.
World spinning, passage of time.
Drowning, lonely
Struggling, still deaf.
Wondering, who am I?
Glancing, curious.
Door opening, new world.
World backspinning, overwhelmed. 

Deaf land, Deaf.
Signing, awakened.
Blossoming, rooted.
Navigating, bilingual.
World spinning, passage of time.
World, Deaf.


Can you hear me?
Listen, not with your ears
But with your eyes.
To you they speak,
My silent hands.
Hear me tell my tale.
Learn my language,
My beautiful native language.
Hear my hands,
Hear my story.
Learn my language.
Speak to me with your hands.
Share my beautiful language.
See my silent hands.
We have a tale to tell,
Open your eyes,
And see me speak.


Growing up Deaf,
Socializing with Deaf peers,
With signing peers,
Happiness, Laughters, Hanging out,
My Deaf self-esteem growing,
As time passes, The feeling inside me,
Starts to stir and question,
Facing setbacks, Facing inaccessibility,
Facing differences, Who would understand?
I walk alone, Still having happiness within regardless,
Confusion and denial as well,
Completed my Bachelors, Went traveling,
Gained life experiences,
Went back to University,
Told myself to keep going,
All of a sudden,
It was like a new world suddenly opened up
and sucked me in,
I befriended a bold & unique soul,
Which of whom uses ProTactile ASL,
And has the cultural identity of a DeafBlind individual,
some soul-searching happened within,
My DeafBlind self-esteem growing,
I proudly identify myself as DeafBlind,
ProTactile is the DeafBlind way of living,
We are just like you,
Deaf, Hearing, DeafBlind, Blind,
Let us stand together in solidarity.


I am grateful to my Deaf mother
for cherishing
and inspiring me from the time I was born.
Mom taught me to be proud of being Deaf
and of using our native language – ASL.
I shared a cultural and linguistic world
with other Deaf children and people
in the community.
It flourished my soul into who I am – Deaf
with human rights
and sign language with linguistic rights.
Mom, I am grateful for you being here
and giving me a blessed journey.
I cherish you, Mom
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Our wall creates a space to celebrate sign language. A diverse group of individuals from the Deaf community were given the unique creative challenge of writing and performing poetry, in an effort to further connect the hearing and Deaf worlds.

At the foundation of our project, we hope to help change the way others are portrayed. We want to transform our wall - an otherwise silent and motionless space - into a place where people with something to say can fully express themselves.

Wall: Colorado Food Trucks (formerly Denver Spring)
Projection Site: MGMA

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