NE side of bldg facing 34th
34th & Blake
Denver, CO 80205

CATEGORY: Side Stories

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The River North area is shaped by the trains and train yards that weave through and surround it. At any given time you may hear the howling, dissonant chords of one of these mammoth freighters. This has always been one of my favorite hallmarks of living in Denver. Every foreboding train horn has its own unique tonality, cadence, and rhythm. Sometimes the metal wheels skating across the tracks creates a symphony of metallic tones for the entirety of the trains passing.

My film, ‘Spectre of The Locomotive’ uses digital rotoscope animation of freight trains, steam locomotives, and subway cars to capture ephemerality, while the locomotive, the giant ghost of the past, remains a constant staple. Rotoscoping is a technique where video footage is traced frame by frame to create realistic moving animation. The images are inlaid with colorful live footage creating constant and opposing movement against stark black backgrounds. Just as soon as one of these caravans makes an appearance it may dissolve or pass us by leaving only phantom remains. However, the spectre is omnipresent, keeping a watchful eye over every fleeting scene.

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