Stage Performance for Rock Singers
March 5–April 23, 2019
Tuesdays 6:30–8:30pm

You know the sound… the audience being nice. Because when someone finishes a song, the audience is supposed to applaud.

Are you not connecting with your audience the way you wish you could? Do you get nervous because you’re not sure what to do on stage? Or do you dream of performing, but you don’t know where to begin getting the experience you need to not suck?

The ideas and principles of stagecraft make it possible for anyone to become a powerful performer. But no one’s a pro the first time on stage… or the tenth. You need to get miles on the car to develop skills and confidence. It’s these concrete, learnable skills – and the confidence that comes with executing them without thinking – that make you look and feel professional.

In this workshop style class, singers will have a chance to perform in a warm, supportive environment at every meeting while learning the fundamentals of stagecraft. In addition to the valuable instruction and practice time, the workshop format also gives everyone supportive and constructive feedback from your peers – priceless for development as an artist and a powerful tool for building confidence.

Join Performance High’s artist development coach Justin Leighton Long for a seven-week class in which you will develop both concrete skills you can apply to anything you sing, as well as experience and confidence in front of a small group. Justin has over twenty years of experience in the old and new music industries, both as an artist with Atlantic Records and as the coach to scores of up-and-coming artists.

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Music Theory 101: The Language of Music
March 6–April 24, 2019
Wednesdays 6:30–8:30pm

College courses in music theory have a reputation as being dry, challenging, and difficult.

We think differently!

We see music theory as the essential language for expressing yourself with more colors and nuance through music.

So, music theory shouldn’t be called music “theory”, as if you’re talking about physics… it should be called the Language of Music!

Join us as we embark on the fourth session of our popular Music Theory 101 class. This class is limited to a very small size of only 12 participants. Register now!

Details, Registration & Schedule Here

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Performance High offers vocal training, artist development services, and performance opportunities to singers at all levels looking to experience extraordinary moments. Many of Colorado's top vocalists trust us with their voices. You can, too. It's time to become the singer you dream of being!

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