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Hi Members! Please read this all the way through if you are interested in taking advantage of your social media benefits as members of RiNo Art District. Please share with the marketing/social media people on your team as needed.

We have transitioned over to a new social media manager, Sage Storm. As some of you may have already taken note and advantage of, Sage is much more active on socials and has been prioritizing amplifying members even more than before. You may be wondering, how can I take advantage of this exposure?

She asks that you follow this protocol:

  • Tag RiNo in your posts and story posts that you want her to see and reshare.
    • On grid posts, this includes either including @rinoartdistrict in the caption, or you can use the tag feature to tag @rinoartdistrict in the post that way. Doing both will give you the best chances of having your post seen in a timely manner
    • On story posts, you can tag @rinoartdistrict in your copy if it makes sense to include. If you need to tag us but you don’t want to clutter up the image, you have two options:
      • Make a new text bubble that tags @rinoartdistrict (and any other pages you may want to tag for easy resharing) and then drag that text off the screen so that it is invisible and we will still get the dm to reshare.
      • After posting a story, click on the 3 dots and find the option to “add mentions.“ This will allow you to tag accounts in your story after sharing so that they may reshare.
  • Please note that tagging us on instagram is the BEST and FASTEST way to get reshared on our page. Emailing Sage (or others on the RiNo team) will inevitably result in less interaction as it creates delays to seeing requests and substantially more work to accomplish the same goals. In the event that you do need to email a special request for social content and interaction, please do not make Sage chase down content. Include all content needed, including images, videos, etc. in the email with your initial request.

Important update (please read for urgent CTA!):

Over the next few months, Sage will be transitioning how our socials are run to increase interaction and the rate of growth on our socials, which will ultimately help everyone reach new audiences. We will be moving away from posting single events one at a time. Instead, there will be one post weekly/biweekly that summarizes what is coming up that week in the district. Our stories will continue to be a place to post reminders of what is happening amongst the members of the district day to day. By consolidating events into a single post, we are able to make the time and space to create short-form video content instead. Sage will be making videos that are fun and showcase more broadly what we have to offer here in RiNo. Imagine, for example, videos such as “5 places to eat around rino,” “favorite places to grab a fancy cocktail around rino,” “the best murals in rino you’ve probably never seen before,” etc. She has demonstrated a significant increase in views, engagement, and reach to non-followers when implementing content like this. We’re talking a difference of <10 non-followers seeing our posts vs. thousands. We believe that in making these changes, we can continue to attract new people to the district and to the member’s businesses. Prioritizing creating this content will also enable us to start a TikTok which is imperative in attracting the Gen Z population to the district.

With this transition in content in mind, we need your help! Please email with vertically oriented evergreen video content attached or linked that you think would be suitable for this new content. Think videos panning your galleries, showing off your favorite menu items, showing some of the items you sell in your shop, etc. The more aesthetic and the better the lighting, the more likely she is to include your content. We do not need any people/faces in the videos, unless relevant to your business such as a salon, dance company, etc. Please do not pre-edit content or add any graphics/words/etc to the videos. Sage will handle editing, she just wants your raw video content so that she can dive in on creating videos that showcase what RiNo is all about!


  • We have an awesome new social media manager who is to thank for the improvements you have noticed recently
  • Tag us in your grid and story posts on socials to get more visibility
  • We’re going to be making way more short-form video content now. Please send Sage vertical videos that can be edited into Reels/TikToks ASAP to maximize your exposure on our socials

Thank you for your cooperation. We’re excited to continue making big strides towards improving our social media marketing reach to benefit everyone in the district!