RiNo Made Programming

On July 14, RiNo Art District began streamlining its office and retail operations and moved to Walnut Workshop located at 3525 Walnut Street. RiNo Art District is thrilled to be joining the creative community at Walnut Workshop and to be under the same roof as many of the artists and makers who contribute so much energy and vitality to the District.

At the new office location on Walnut, RiNo plans to continue hosting First Friday exhibitions and welcome visitors to find out more information about our initiatives and district members, which include over 350 small businesses, shops, places to eat and drink, galleries, artists and makers.

With RiNo Art District now running the CRUSH Arts Festival, the District made a decision to streamline its retail operations and combine efforts of it’s RiNo Made Programs with CRUSH Founder Robin Munro’s announcement of his HQ Gallery, the CRUSH WALLS store at 26th & Larimer.

RiNo Made put over $100,000 back into artist pockets from art sales since 2018, and CRUSH local artist stipends are around $150,000 this year. Stay tuned for more programming, community engagement and opportunity development geared toward artists, makers, area youth and creative businesses!


Last day at the Zeppelin Station location is July 14th, 2019

RiNo Made joins forces with CRUSH Founder Robin Munro's HQ Gallery at 26th & Larimer. Stay tuned for details.