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Alex Paozols’ paintings typically ally exalt the messy mix of everyday life with a sense of rhythm and color. In this series, the cinematic subjects of his paintings are often torn by fathomless fear and a yearning to feel less like outsiders in their own worlds. With palpable feelings of loneliness, his recent work highlights the role of the telephone as a transgressor of isolation, marking it as essential to many human relationships. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Paozols personally experienced the need for a cellphone to maintain connections while socially distanced. Particularly because Paozols’ subjects are women, the relationship of technology to escape is all the more prominent in that women have historically relied on technology for interpersonal contact, education, and empowerment in a world that has often denied them all three. That many of these subjects are film characters of old enhances the timelessness of this notion and the nostalgia embedded in Paozols’ work.