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Kristina’s paintings reflect her passion for abstract expressionism, both non-representational and figurative. She allows the creative process of gesture, paint and movement to guide her in a meditative flow. Color, shapes and figures begin to emerge. Often a narrative unfolds, or an idea she had been pondering comes through in a subtle but powerful way. There is no way to duplicate the process…each layer, each addition, each brush stroke, each deconstruction, each mark…they all work together to create something new; to represent a joy, an injustice, an idea, a truth, a passion. When she paints, it is a spiritual, rhythmic, and intuitive dance.

A key component to Kristina’s artistic mission is socially engaged art, knowing the transformative power of expression through artistic experiences. Bringing the arts to a community is an essential aspect of her work as an artist. She is passionate about making the arts accessible to ALL and creating positive social change in areas such as LGBTQ rights and racial justice. She believes in the healing power of the arts and its ability to bring communities together.

Kristina paints at her studio in the RiNo Arts District at GRACe Studios in Globeville. She is a volunteer member of The Gathering Place and is an ArtCorp Mentor with RedLine Contemporary Art Center. Kristina’s works are in private collections throughout the Denver area. She has exhibited in Santa Fe and Denver.

Previous Events include:
RiNo First Friday at Logan Coffee House-Catalyst - July 2, 2021
"Interconnected" - May 21 thru June 30, 2021