Denver, CO

CATEGORY: RiNo Artists

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I am FORGE. I am an artivist born in New York City. Since 1989, I have been printmaker, serigraphs primarily. I will always look at social issues and try to express my view/support/dissent with art. While living in Taos, NM, I created the ARTAOS “Mobile Art Gallery”, a 1979 Grumman step-van I show out of. I moved to Denver fall of 2017 wishing to open doors for artists who need a place to show their works. I have shown my work in NYC, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and now Denver.

ARTAOS-Community shows at THRIVE Ballpark:

Aug 13, 2021–Sep 3, 2021: Nicola Stefano Art Opening

July 9, 2021–Aug 6, 2021: “Western Hyperreality” The Art of Jesse Littlebird

May 21, 2021—June 30, 2021: "Interconnected," A Solo Exhibit featuring paintings by Kristina Davies

Mar 8, 2021—Apr 9, 2021: "Randomness & Control" Artwork by Javier Badell

Feb 5, 2021—Mar 5, 2021: "Pop-Art Pop-Up" featuring Stephen Taylor

Past Events at ARTAOS