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@kokonofilter | Website

Denver based artist focusing on public art and multiples. Born in France and raised in Colorado she currently lives and works in RiNo. Koko’s visual art focuses on outdoor installations using mechanically reproduced prints. Her current project, “Temporary Structures” is a collaboration with her grandfather Herbert Bayer’s landmark work. Her goal is "to educate viewers while expanding my understanding of the work." In January of 2020, she launched her new series of small sculptures at her sold-out show at Dateline Gallery "Souvenirs." These include dumpsters, shipping containers and other objects that will be the basis for future collaborations. She launched "Block Universal," her new icon, with a series of "treasure hunts" that are ongoing. In early April of 2020 she began #projectspreadhope. Since then, she has installed hundreds of "Pink Lemonade Hope" and "Pride 2020 Hope" hearts first in Denver and then throughout Colorado and beyond.

RiNo Made Featured Artist April 2018