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Lindz and Lamb, is an artistic team that uses large-scale murals and dynamic installations to spark wonder and inspiration.

Born in Atlanta and raised in Cincinnati, Jon studied fine art at Fort Lewis College in Durango and moved to Denver in 2004. He set up shop in 2008 in the RiNo Art District, where his artistic hustle didn’t stop, whether orchestrating live painting shows, making prints with Like Minded Productions, or painting and exhibiting throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Europe. “For me creating art is the same as eating,” he said, “I have to do it as part of my daily, lunar, business week cycle. It’s in me to make.”

As he established roots in RiNo, Jon developed strong relationships with other entrepreneurs and developed a reputation for strong customer service. As trust grew, Jon collaborated with others to expand CRUSH Walls and secure walls for emerging street artists—many of whom had their first break due to his efforts. His eye for talent led him to dynamic curation projects such as CRUSH Walls, Snowball Music Festival and Dairy Block.

Meanwhile, Lindsey was a fifth-generation Cheyenne, Wyoming native who grew up helping her father paint murals and admiring her mother as a hardworking executive. Though she began studying art, when she saw how she excelled at numbers, Lindsey moved to Colorado to pursue a career in finance.

”I couldn’t wait to start life outside of school,” she said, “My parents taught me that you do the best that you can and have integrity. You show up, you go to work, you pay taxes and to live by the Golden Rule.” After ten years in the mortgage industry and another ten in personal finance, working in both Colorado and Oregon, Lindsey was ready for something new. Little did she know that a creative turn was just around the corner.