Join the RiNo community in rallying together to make 500 quarts of soup per day!

Thanks to Nocturne, Serendipity, Butcher's Bistro, and Comal Heritage Food Incubator, the RiNo community is rallying together to make 500 quarts of soup per day for the Denver Metro Emergency Food Network.

A message for restaurants who wish to contribute:

Thank you so much for your willingness to help the Denver Metro Emergency Food Network!

Our needs are primarily soup, bread, as well as someone to cook beans and rice in bulk.

We need 500qts of soup everyday and 1000 portions of bread 50lbs of rice cooked and 50–100 lbs of beans cooked every day. This is A LOT of food so whatever you can contribute will make a big difference.

There is funding to cover food costs if you are willing to cook extra food in your space. Food should be delivered to Comal located at 3455 Ringsby Ct, Denver, CO 80216 if you need someone to pick up the food that can also be arranged. All food will be picked up at Comal at 11am.

The type of soup is not important, we need some meat and vegetarian options it can be prepackaged into deli containers or bought to Comal in lexans or cambros to be portioned onsite and then the containers will be returned to you. For bread we will take all varieties (rolls, cornbread, loaves, pita, tortillas, biscuits). Full ingredient lists are necessary for all donations so that they food network can ensure the safety of those they are feeding.