Keep updated on construction activities and available travel routes in north Denver.

The NDCC is leading this cooperative effort that includes the National Western Center, Denver Public Works, and the Central 70 Project, among other organizations.

NAVIGATE’s first phase is a webpage featuring a map that displays all current construction activities in the NDCC area, road closures, road detours, available routes for commercial and personal vehicles, and bike paths. The map will be updated as needed, whether that is daily, weekly or monthly. The page links to all the main agencies working in the area, and it is our goal that it will act as the key point of access for information about mobility and connectivity in the NDCC area.

The website is built for everyone: pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and drivers of commercial vehicles. When you travel along the Central 70 corridor and throughout the communities of Globeville, Elyria, Swansea, Five Points and Cole you can logon to see the best available route to avoid traffic congestion.

Download/view bilingual flyer (PDF)

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